Putting the D in the double D.

Live together with your cute sheep Meimei in Sheep Love, an eroge resembling a Flash game, now available on Steam.

Sheep Love is a simple game brought to you by CatBellUnion, the developers of Dress-up Traveller. The story is somewhat basic: your parents bought you a sheep named Meimei and now the two of you are living together. The developer describes this game as similar to older adult Flash games. There is no real gameplay in Sheep Love, but there are pictures and animations to view.

Interact with Meimei by petting her head, responding to her dialogue, and clicking parts of her body during H-scenes. Once you click on a part, an animation relating to that body part will play. There are three different H-scenes with twenty-seven variations, and they can always be replayed in the control panel. If you're someone who likes to hunt for achievements, there are twenty-five in total.


The game is similar to the old Flash Hgame

In normal scenes, you can click on the head or other parts of "Meimei"

"Meimei" will have a corresponding dialogue response

In the H scene, you can click the body part of "MeiMei"

Then it will start at the part you clicked and perform the corresponding action

If you want to watch all animations directly, in the control panel

You can also directly click the button to select.

* H scene: 3 kinds, 27 kinds of differences

*The game is not over yet, it only takes about 5 minutes to see all H scenes

You can buy Sheep Love on Steam for the discounted price of $1.19. After February 6th, the sale will end and the price will return to $1.99. There is also an decensoring patch available for free as DLC, which removes the mosaics.

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