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A college student takes home four abandoned cats that transform into cute girls when he plays music in NEKO PAPALA, now available on Steam.

Developed by Matsuri Studio and published by Revere Heaven Love People Innovation Technology Co., NEKO PAPALA mixes the gameplay of a rhythm game with the narrative of a visual novel. You play as a music-loving college student, who went to the convenience store in the middle of the night. On your way home, you happen to find a box of abandoned cats. After seeing their pitiful round eyes, you realized that you can’t just leave them and decided to bring them home.

When you return home, you try to feed the cats, but they still seem sickly and uninterested in the food. Instead, you make them a bed and continue to work on one of your latest music pieces. As you play, you notice that the four cats are getting more excited and lively, with their conditioning only improving as the music grows faster. Once you stop playing, one of the cats starts to glow with a bright light. When the light dissipates, a cute girl with cat ears appears before you and starts calling you “Master.” She’s one of the cats you had brought home, and to thank you for bringing them home, she begins to remove her clothes and unzip your pants.

In NEKO PAPALA, you must play through rhythm game sections to earn points and unlock H-scenes. The rhythm game uses four different buttons to follow the beat of the music. All four girls have their own songs for you to play and if you score high enough, you will receive an item that will unlock a scene with that cat girl.


“NEKO PAPALA” is Matsuri Studio’s first self-made adult game which integrate “Music Rhythm” and “Erotic Education Simulation”.

Player acts a guy who loves music. One day, he finds 4 abandoned cats and brings them home. Player needs to get scores by playing music and then you will receive items to feed or interact with cats. After taking wonderful care of these cats, their “gratitude” will be growing. Until they’re satisfied, they will become lovely and sexy kitty maids to repay.

How will they repay? Of course is their youthful body!

Let’s cherish these lovely kitty maids.


◇ Enjoy bashful repaying from flirty kitty maids.

◇ Album lets you review your sexy kitty maids whenever you want.

◇ 16:9 high quality pictures make you feast your eyes on kitty maids’ youthful body.

◇ There are 12 Japanese songs from famous music website 「魔王魂」 make you enjoy an unique rhythm game fun.

You can buy NEKO PAPALA on Steam for the discounted price of $4.24. After February 3rd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $4.99.

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