Clean up for the next guy

The visual novel about the daily life of a NEET and dragon girls, Slobbish Dragon Princess is now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

Developed by Whirlpool and published by Sekai Project, Slobbish Dragon Princess has you play as Takeru, a NEET who comes from a family of martial artists. Unfortunately, their dojo is in disrepair and Takeru’s dad is a deadbeat drunkard who does nothing but gamble and get into fights. Takeru refuses to get a job, claiming that it’s part of his training, while Ishinose Suzuka from the sweets shop next door continues to take care of him.

One day, Takeru finds a weird looking lizard on the side of the road. He originally planned on cooking it, but Suzuka convinced him to spare the creature. Instead, he decided to keep the lizard around as a pet, naming it “Haru.” As Takeru begins to grow a soft spot for Haru, an unexpected event happens.

Dragonkin have come from space to invade Earth, but Haru suddenly transformed into a beautiful lady with horns on her head and stopped them. As it would turn out, Haru is the princess of the dragons. She ends up preventing mankind from being ruled by dragons, but now she has decided to pick up on Takeru’s NEET habits and lifestyle, Leaving Suzuka trying to help in avoiding any unwanted attention. It’s common to see dragons roaming the town these days, though. It's just another day in Takeru’s bizarre daily life.


- Scenario by Oumiya Yuu (NEKO-NIN Series)

- Art by Takano Yuki (NEKO-NIN series, Da Capo)

- English and traditional Chinese language options

- Japanese voice acting

- Extras gallery for CGs/OP Movie/Favorited voice lines

- NEET dragon girls

You can find the Slobbish Dragon Princess on sale for the discounted price of $13.49 on Steam and Denpasoft. After February 5th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to $14.99. If you buy the Steam version, you can get the 18+ DLC from Denpasoft for free.

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