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MangaGamer has started accepting pre-orders for the next release in AliceSoft's Rance series of games, Rance Quest Magnum.

Rance Quest Magnum is an upcoming release that features the base game, Rance Quest, and the game's Magnum expansion, all in one package. The story continues after where the previous game left off. In the previous game, Rance Sengoku, our hero traveled to Nippon to get a taste of their beautiful Princess Kouhime. Along the way, he encounters Nobunaga Oda, the leader of a minor state known as Owari. Nobunaga entrusted Rance with commanding his army so that he can go forth to conquer not only the women but the entire country. After Rance defeated powerful warriors from the other clans, he gradually brought all of Nippon to their knees, but near the end of the conflict, he lost his trusted partner to a curse.

In Rance Quest Magnum, Rance has returned to the mainland, living in the Copan Empire, part of the Free Cities Zone. He travels around with Sachiko, a student he saved on a whim, even if mainly so he could fuck her. With her in tow, Rance travels both East and West, completing quests to obtain beautiful women and great fortune.

In regards to the curse placed on Sill, she’ll have to wait, as Rance isn’t done bedding as many women as possible; however, when he visits Kalar Village will ill intentions, he gets struck by a curse that prevents him from having sex. With his Hyper Weapon out of commission, what is Rance left to do? At least he can still fuck strong girls. So, Rance and his party of cute girls go off to find the treasure and the powerful maidens.


The protagonist of the series.

Loves girls, loves sex. A brutal warrior who chases his desires without regard for the consequences.

Even though he’s driven grand conflicts and accomplished heroic feats, basically all that fills his head is girls. Today too, he adventures in search of more to add to his harem.

Sachiko Senters

A student at Ikera 2nd Technical School. Her dream for the future is to be a beautiful bride.

Just a regular girl who happened to be saved by Rance when she was attacked by monsters. Because of the circumstances, and his greed, she’s forced to fight as Rance’s shield...


A genius kunoichi from Nippon.

Her espionage and assassination skills are the best in Nippon. She’s great at sexy stuff, too, of course.

She had once been sent after Rance’s life, but took a liking to him and has protected him at his side ever since.

Sill Plain

A mage slave bought by Rance many years ago.

She serves Rance in his daily life, accompanies him on adventures, and handles nightly duties as well. Is her devotion because of the spell of absolute obedience that was put on her, or...?

In the previous game, she protected Rance from an everlasting ice curse and was encased inside the ice herself.

Aegis Kalar

The Captain of the Guard of the Kalar Village inside the Kalar Forest. She spends her days repelling the humans who invade the forest and try to capture the kalars inside.

The kalars are a long-lived race of beautiful women, with long ears and valuable crystals in their foreheads. The crystals are prized as magical items and are always sought by greedy humans. Rance is searching for a way to free Sill from her magical ice.

Crook Mofus

A quiet girl Rance meets in the Kalar Forest. She says she’s there exterminating evil spirits.

For some reason Rance doesn’t assault her...?

Reset Kalar

A mysterious kalar girl.

Rance Quest Magnum goes on sale on February 25th. You can pre-order the game on MangaGamer for the discounted price of $40.45. You can read more about the game’s release on MangaGamer’s blog.

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