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Gogen-soft Seeks Funding for Romance Visual Novel Oh Mai Tiara ~ The Road For Love ~

Gogen-soft has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Oh Mai Tiara ~ The Road For Love ~, a visual novel about a boy infiltrating a girls-only summer camp to spend time with his beloved.

A crowdfunding campaign for Oh Mai Tiara ~ The Road For Love ~ has recently begun. Developed by Gagen-soft, the visual novel aims to follow a young man named Nobu, who cannot imagine spending a day away from his beloved Tiara, whom he spends most of his free time with. Knowing that she will be going to a girls-only summer camp for two entire months, he decided to confess his love to her. What he didn't expect, though, is that Tiara would reject his affection.

Nobu isn’t the type to give up easily, though, especially when it comes to Tiara. He’s already made an arrangement with the school’s principal to secretly join the summer camp. He plans to disguise himself as a girl and use that opportunity to get close to Tiara, which won't be easy. Her protective sister, Izumi, is always at her side, and another girl present at the camp, the shy and wealthy Emi, falls in love with Tiara as well. Can Nobu get close to his beloved while facing off against these odds? Just what will the principal ask for in exchange for giving him this opportunity in the first place?

To realize their vision, Gogen-soft will need to gather at least $4,852 (estimated from €4,000) in funding. If the campaign is successful, the game will feature a humorous story meant to provide about 5-6 hours of entertainment, three lead heroines, ten CGs, an original soundtrack, and a collection of quality of life features, such as an image gallery, a music room, and achievements.

As is the case for most crowdfunding campaigns, the developers have also set up stretch goals, in case they manage to exceed their base goal. With additional funding, Oh Mai Tiara ~ The Road For Love ~ would be expanded with more artwork, a bonus minigame, a vocal ending song, and partial voice acting. If the campaign reaches more than double of what’s needed, Gogen-soft would be interested in making a sequel in the future, as well as in translating the game to Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.

Those who participate in the campaign can expect a variety of rewards, the most fundamental of which is a copy of the game available on release day, for everyone who pledges $13 (estimated from €10) or more. Higher pledges offer additional rewards, such as having your name credited in the game, gaining access to the digital soundtrack, the artbook, posters, keychains, sketches, and the ability to participate in the game’s development by designing characters or CGs.

A demo featuring the prologue of Oh Mai Tiara ~ The Road For Love ~ is available on Itch.io. You can find out more about the project and support it on Kickstarter.

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