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A wolfman enrolls in the knight college of his dreams and spends time with his peers in KAIJYU-09’s visual novel, Knights College.

Knights College is a card-based visual novel that follows Argo, a young wolfman who was adjusted to spending his time in a quiet fishing village in the countryside. One day, he received a letter of recommendation from the Knight College of his dreams. Despite not knowing why he was recommended in the first place, Argo decides to enroll regardless. Thus begins his days at college with other knight candidates.

The choices you make, whether they are for conversations or movements, are done through a card-based system. After you choose a card, you'll receive a new one, which can be used to unlock a new conversation, open up a route, or increase your likability with another character. At Knight College, there are a variety of activities for Argo to partake in. He can go to lectures, train with weapons, bathe with other characters, and attend events such as the room exchange and other off campus activities.

KAIJYU-09 still has some updates to introduce into Knights College. These involve a function to switch between animated and still images, changes and additions to the epilogue, and additions of traditional and simplified Chinese versions of the script.


One day, Argo, a young man living a leisurely life in a fishing village in the countryside, receives a letter of recommendation from the Knights College of his dreams. Not knowing why he was recommended, he enrolls and spends his days with his fellow knight candidates.


In KnightsCollege, all conversations and movements are done through card-based selection. Each time you get a new card, it unlocks a conversation, opens up a different route, or increases your likability with the character.

You can buy Knights College on Steam for $24.99. There is also an R-18 patch available on KAIJYU-09’s site.

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