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Take the role of a king from another world in How To Become A Harem King, an isekai action RPG currently being developed by Isekai-God.

How To Become A Harem King is an action RPG whose story challenges its protagonist with an interesting question, right after an unfortunate accident befalls them. The game’s hero is an incredibly popular gigolo from Earth known as Seven. One day he finds himself in front of a goddess explaining to him that he died, only for the two of them to realize that she made a mistake. The Seven that was supposed to die was a prince from a world populated by monster girls. In order to make amends, the goddess proposes that she will put the protagonist in the body of the prince, and allow him to continue his life in another world. Given that it sounds like a great opportunity, the protagonist agrees.

However, it turns out that the goddess wasn’t being fair. Rather than help the protagonist, she roped him into working for the heavens; he now has to become the harem king in twenty years, or his soul will be terminated for failure to fulfill a contract with a god. Thankfully, Seven has the right skills for the task, given his career as the best gigolo on Earth. Despite that, the task may still not be so easy, as the protagonist doesn’t even awaken in his castle. Instead, he finds himself in an abandoned village of bunny girls, where only two sisters remain.

The latest public build of How To Become A Harem King allows you to experience the beginnings of the story, taking place in the bunny village. Seven’s first task is to find a way to the capital. Unfortunately, he’s at the mercy of a childish bunny girl, one who does everything in her power to keep him in the village due to her own loneliness. To find common grounds with her, Seven will have to help out the village, as well as face monsters roaming its outskirts.

In future builds, Seven will learn the true nature of his status as a prince, and the past of his body’s original owner. The developers plan for the game to include fully animated sex scenes, a dating system, guilds and quests, and many more characters, including members of the royal family, other adventurers, monsters, elves, catgirls, and more.

You can download the public demo of How To Become A Harem King from If you’d like to follow or support the game’s development, you can do so by visiting Isekai-God’s Patreon. Supporters who pledge $5 or more gain early access to the game’s future releases, among other perks.

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