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A young man enrolls at a university with a perverse staff in GammaBreak’s Acadia University, a BDSM visual novel available now on Itch.io.

Acadia University is one of the most renowned schools in the world, having educated people who went to accomplish great things in their lives. Despite this, the story’s protagonist feels spiteful towards the academy, as he had no say in choosing it. Instead, it was done so at the behest of his parents, who were willing to make all concessions necessary so long as their son gets to enroll at what seems to be the best university there is.

The story takes place during the first few days the protagonist spends at the Acadia University. While everything seems normal at first, it doesn’t take long until our protagonist discovers the university's secret dark side. All students at the Acadia University are boys, meanwhile all faculty members are women. As the protagonist meets many of the faculty members, he soon experiences abuse, as the teachers use various opportunities to molest him, and use their position of power to strip him of any ability to oppose them.

Acadia University features four female characters to meet, branching routes, three endings, partial voice acting, and artwork in the 16:9 screen ratio.

Gina Hartford is your first-period mathematics professor. She’s a beautiful, busty redhead with a figure to drool over. Don’t let her friendly demeanor fool you; she will make sure you learn pay attention in class and be respectful.

Elizabeth Banks is the school nurse. Her job is to make sure all of Acadia’s students are in perfect health. Some of her “procedures” may seem a bit odd, but you really can’t be too careful when it comes to the school’s reputation for excellence.

Shay Skye is the athletics director. She is a world-class athlete and former Olympic gold medalist. She keeps all the students in top physical shape and frequently “tests” their stamina in a variety of creative ways. She’s young, but intimidating, and you can be sure her stamina will outlast yours.

Finally, there’s Reina Hamilton, the headmistress of Acadia. This mysterious woman seems to be keeping a close eye on you. She’s cold and stern, but you’ve caught her glancing at you several times. She seems to be very interested in you personally...be sure not to disappoint her!

Acadia University is now available for PC and Mac on Itch.io for free.

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