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After she gets hit by a car, Catina gets a second chance to fulfill her dream, but she must do it in a new world in Tistrya’s Catina Patissier, now available in English on DLSite.

Catina Patissier follows the titular character Catina, the daughter of a patissier, longing to follow in her father’s footsteps since she was a child. She worked hard for this dream, until her life was cut short by a car that hit her on the way to vocational school. In the afterlife, a goddess explained what happened and took pity on Catina. the goddess then reincarnated her in another world so that she may continue her dream there.

After appearing in the new world, Catina strengthened her resolve and accepted the proposal given to her. Now, she needs to work in a confectionery of a fantasy world full of orcs, tentacles, and perverts. Will Catina be able to endure being sexually harassed and raped by her coworkers, customers, and monsters to fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef?

In Catina Patissier, you will be sent by your demanding boss to search through the forests to pick up ingredients for confections. After collecting everything for the day, you will have a sexual encounter with a monster.

Special erotic scenes

Made to eat a cake with aphrodisiac inside it as a sample, she got into heat, and started playing with herself

Told to buy materials, she was sent into the forest by the manager, but was attacked by an ork and forced into anal sex

She was told by a customer that if she gave him a footjob, he would buy her some cookies

She had liquid that heightened her sensitivity poured in through a tentacle and was abused

Gang-raped by the men in her shared house

She was told by a complaining customer to give him head

There are so many more erotic scenes like this!

The girl who wanted to become a patissier, despite facing sexual harassment and being shagged in the other world...

Soon became entranced in the sex...?

Instead of making confectionery, she concentrated on sex...?

You can purchase the English version of Catina Patissier on DLsite for the discounted price of $10.16 (estimated from ¥1,056). After midnight JST on February 12th, the sale will end and the price will return to $12.70 (estimated from ¥1,320). There is also a demo available, featuring the beginning of the game, on the the same page if you wish to try it out first.

As tends to be the case for games on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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