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A shunned warrior fights evil and searches for love in Kitorogames' ORO, a dating sim RPG now available on DLsite.

ORO is a science-fantasy RPG following the game’s namesake, a demon named ORO. Despite his inherently evil lineage, the protagonist dedicates himself to doing what’s right. In the past, ORO was a member of the Divine Warriors, a group dedicated to fighting evil; however, at one point, he committed a grave mistake for which he cannot forgive himself to this day. As such, he distances himself from his old allies and attempts to protect the world without the order’s help. Despite this, ORO manages to find new allies and even lovers as he faces the ever-approaching darkness.

The game mixes features from many different genres to provide a more unique experience. The player controls ORO during his daily life, and on each day, the demon can work, cook meals, train his combat skills, explore his hometown, and invite women on dates. Most actions can only be done a set amount of times each day, prompting the player to plan ahead and prepare. As days go on, the game’s lead conspiracy plot will slowly unfold, often thanks to the actions of the Divine Warriors. On each day, there’s also a chance of the city being under attack, in which case the player will have to find a way to stop the attackers, or part of the populace will perish.

The game’s combat system is turn-based in nature. ORO can either attack or defend against enemies and will gain TP each time he deals or receives damage. This resource can then be spent on devastating skills or powerful buffs. While some foes in the game can be challenging, ORO doesn’t have to face them alone.

There are nine romance interests ORO can meet. All of them are women ready to help the demon in his fight against evil and will join his party when requested. The girls can also be invited on dates, once a day for each. Some dates incorporate unique narrative events, while others are simple dialogue mini-games, testing the player’s knowledge of the girls’ preferences. Once a partner’s affection is high enough, they may visit ORO at his place and invite him to a more intimate date. Succeeding in that will allow the player to view an erotic event, some of which contain animated scenes, or trigger the game’s interactive, erotic mini-game, which uses the combat system to test ORO’s love-making skills.

ORO is now available on DLsite for $8.47 (estimated from ¥880). A lengthy demo version of the game can also be found on the store page. This version of ORO contains mosaic censorship.

An uncensored version of ORO is available on the developer’s Patreon for $5. Higher support tiers offer early access to future updates and the ability to vote in the game’s development polls.

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