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FungalDragon Has Released Time-Based Puzzle Game Cattle Castle on

Race against the clock before you're transformed into a cow in Cattle Castle, an RPG Maker puzzle game now available for free on

Cattle Castle is a puzzle game made with RPG Maker where you play as Bess (whose name is changeable), a village girl who's traveled to the Evil Lord’s castle because he continues to curse the women of her village. Unfortunately, this journey led to her becoming one of the cursed girls. The Evil Lord likes to abduct women from the village and transform them into cows. This time around, he decided to show Bess some mercy and gave her a chance to save herself. If she can get through the castle's puzzles and obstacles before the curse takes full effect, he will free her from the curse. Though, if Bess fails, she goes off to the Evil Lord’s pastures to live the rest of her life as a cow.

In each room, you will need to either complete a puzzle or make your way through a maze to progress to the next room. You'll need to be careful of vanishing platforms and teleporting whisps as you traverse the maze. Over time, Bess will gradually turn into a cow during play. After a certain amount of time you will see physical changes that will affect how you play the game. Her breasts, udders, and hips will grow, causing her movement to slow. If she becomes too big, she will not be able to enter human sized doors and must take a different route. Be quick and make sure to pay attention to her transformation progress. There are five endings in total: True Good End, Good End, Pasteurized, Milk Maid, and Times Up!

While Cattle Castle is a completed game, FungalDragon still has some adjustments to make.

The game is done and likely will not get much more updates to it outside some cosmetics and new endings. However I'm more than likely to make more games like this in the near future.

To do list:

- Redo and enlarge Overlord's sprite

- Add more cutscenes

- Adjust second room puzzle

- iOS and Android Support

You can find Cattle Castle for free (listed as "name your own price") on

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