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A lone developer is working on Monster Girl: Kingdom, a strategy game about managing the daily affairs of a fantasy kingdom.

In Monster Girl: Kingdom, you play as a presidential candidate who was run over by a truck that crashes into the election hall, right before the winner was announced. Instead of going to the afterlife, the player awakes in the arms of the demon queen Demona, who claims to have saved the hero from the brink of death by transporting him to her world. Currently, Demona’s kingdom lacks a ruler as her subjects refuse to listen to a woman. Given the protagonist’s experience in leadership, she decides to place them on the kingdom’s throne in her place.

The game is played in turns, represented by in-game days. Each day, you will draw a random card representing a monster girl, making a request regarding the management of the kingdom’s resources for various goals. You can either do what she asks for or refuse outright. Your choice will affect the kingdom’s five statistics: army, populace, religion, wealth, and the affection of your advisors. The game will go on indefinitely, so long as all statistics are above 0. The goal is to manage the kingdom properly while earning the affection of your advisors.

Every time you reach maximum affection, you can trigger an erotic scene featuring one of the advisors. The game currently features eight girls in the public build, with the Patreon-exclusive version of the game featuring twelve girls instead. More characters are to come as development continues.

The roadmap for future content also includes the addition of more visual elements, a more robust relationship system, an inventory and shop system, a gallery, a religion system allowing for interaction with other kingdoms, special events, and voice acting.

A public build of Monster Girl: Kingdom is available for PC and Android on If you’d like to find out more about the project, follow its development or access the latest releases, you can do so by supporting Colas1n on Patreon.

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