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Lead a military campaign in Reborn Entertainment’s Hero by Chance, a naughty strategy game now available on Steam.

Hero by Chance takes place in the land of Edenrion. It is dominated by the vast empire of Drogakad, which has begun inviting the neighboring countries with the offer to establish an alliance. The Kingdom of Agedor responds to this offer by sending an emissary accompanied by a small army, led by a captain named David. Before the army makes it to the heart of the empire, they learn from Agedorian spies that the invitation was a trap and the Drogakad instead seeks to squash their forces and attack the kingdom by surprise. Given the situation, the Agedorian army begins to escort the emissary back home, hoping to deliver news of the betrayal in time. Alas, the imperial army catches up to them, and David is wounded. You, as the captain’s squire, are given the responsibility to organize the army's defense in his stead.

The game features twenty levels, during which you control the Agedorian army on a linear board: featuring the Agdorian camp on one end, and the enemy’s camp on the other. As time passes, you generate a military resource which can be used to send out units that will march in a straight line towards the enemy camp, fighting enemy soldiers along the way. Every time a soldier dies — both yours or an enemy's — you’ll gain energy needed to use special skills that may improve your odds. If you manage to win the battle, you’ll be awarded gold that can be used to improve your units and abilities.

Each level in Hero by Chance is preceded and succeeded by a cutscene stylized in the fashion of a visual novel. As the story progresses you will face five different female generals from various regions of the game’s fantasy world, and eventually establish an intimate relationship with each of them. The developer also plans to include more content in the future, in the form of free DLC.

Grand Marshal:

Despite being very young, this girl has become the commander-in-chief of the Ishan army. She is fierce, she is cunning, and she dominates any battlefield she sets her foot on. This is not a rose, but a real cactus! Are you be skilled enough to tame her? The reward may be very well worth it...

The Empire’s Commander:

Having worked her way up from a humble soldier, this girl is a formidable tactician on any battlefield. During one of the battles, she captured multiple enemy standards, and for this, the Emperor awarded her the rank of Commander. Will you win her devotion?

The Barbarian Queen:

They say she is a brutish savage who is always willing to throw herself into the battle. At the same time, this wild beauty values honor and dignity above all else. Will she become your fierce nemesis or a passionate lover? Or could she be... both?

The High Sorceress:

Charming is a word that can exactly be used to describe her sweetness. She is pure as snow and her beauty is a thing to be admired. However, every rose has its thorns, so be sure not to fall to her charms too fast. Will you be the one to pick this flower?

The Assassin:

She's a mystery that's waiting to be solved – and you have everything it takes to uncover her!

Hero by Chance is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $1.37 until the 15th of January, at which point it will cost $1.99.

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