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A young woman explores her attraction to animals in animal trail’s Straydog Fiance Re stray, a bestiality RPG available now on DLsite.

Straydog Fiance Re stray follows a pink-haired girl named Cocoa Inukai, who was assaulted by a dog named Taro in the past. Initially terrified of the incident, she eventually established a romantic relationship with the animal, which ends up coming in conflict with her everyday life. Cocoa’s extremely popular for her looks, has thousands of followers on Instagram and a boyfriend, making it difficult for her to hide her fetish from the constant attention she receives.

The original game covering Cocoa’s first meeting with Taro is unavailable in English. Instead, Straydog Fiance Re stray is a standalone expansion, featuring four stories that didn’t make it into the original game. In these misadventures, Cocoa will be abused by dogs, horses, pigs, and chimpanzees. The developers assure that players don’t need to be acquainted with the original game.

Gameplay in Straydog Fiance Re stray is limited to exploration and dialogue. The player is presented with various challenges and has to either find the place related to the event or speak with NPCs who can offer help. There are twenty base CGs in the game, and 177 when accounting for their variants.

Taro the Stray Dog

A nasty stray dog. Also known as "garbage". Although he is a dog and a beast, his brain is very cunning and devilish. He has been stalking Cocoa since the day he saw her on the street and took a liking to her, eventually moving into her home. He cleverly coerces Cocoa, and plans to fuck her every day to turn her into a dog-soaked bitch.

Cocoa Inukai

The heroine of this work. She is one of the most beautiful girls in her school, and is an Inustagrammer with over 10,000 followers. She has a boyfriend, of course, but her daily life begins to fall apart when a stray dog named Taro suddenly arrives at her house.

Straydog Fiance Re stray is now available on DLsite for $11.64 (estimated from ¥1,210).

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