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Direct intimate situations between various characters in Furlough Games’ Love Stories: Furry Shades of Gay, a match-3 puzzle game story compilation with a load of furry yaoi content.

Love Stories: Furry Shades of Gay is an anthology of five short and intimate stories, in which pairs of anthropomorphic characters seek ways to resolve their romantic tension. Each story is told in the manner of a visual novel broken up at crucial junctions with match-3 puzzle challenges. How well you do in these puzzles determines what direction the story takes.

The match-3 portion of the game is played over a turn limit. Your task is to complete one of two objectives before you run out of moves. The task may include anything from collecting a set amount of a specific icon or clearing a specified area of the screen. After you complete your moves, you can choose what decision the protagonist makes out of the options you unlocked. The game features a timeline of events allowing you to return to any puzzle level you’ve previously encountered in order to try and unlock the other routes that might interest you.

There’s a total of five short stories in Love Stories: Furry Shades of Gay. Each story takes place during a single intimate encounter and features multiple puzzle levels. The stories include a defense attorney being hit on by a handsome client, a pair of dorm roommates meeting for the first time, a young man planning a kinky evening for his husband, a gay man meeting someone unusual at a parade, and two old friends meeting after not seeing each other for years.

Love Stories is a game about love. Also it's a game about slapstick happenstance, queer relationships, and hot gay sex. Five furry stories full of humour, wit, tough decisions, and sweaty, raunchy humping.

Nonetheless, not everyone is up to jump in the sack right away. You'll have to navigate the heroes around their insecurities and hang-ups, then they'll have their happily ever after. Well, maybe not that, but at least one good romp is guaranteed!


• Five stories of love and sex

• Branching narrative, choices, and decisions

• Hand-animated sex scenes

• Classic Match-3 gameplay

Love Stories: Furry Shades of Gay is now available on Steam for $5.99.

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