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A young college student is suddenly transported from a lingerie shop to a school for succubi in Arcana Academy, a fantasy visual novel from KimonoChan.

Arcana Academy is an adult visual novel currently being developed by KimonoChan. The primary theme of the game being succubus training in the titular institution. The game also features full voice acting for relevant characters and animated H-scenes.

The public build starts off with Aesdeth, the principal of Arcana Academy. After she’s done lingerie shopping, Aesdeth returns to the academy thirty minutes before classes began. Upon her arrival, she is greeted by the angry professor Leia.

Meanwhile, in the human world, a college student named Sasha decides to stop by the lingerie store KimonoChan to use a coupon. As she's trying on a particularly lewd set of lingerie, Sasha notices a flickering light in the dressing room. Suddenly, a portal sucks Sasha from the dressing room only to drop her outside of an unfamiliar school campus. While still wearing the lewd lingerie, Sasha asks for help from the first girl she sees. The girl, who later introduces herself as Miko, just happens to have horns on her head and bat wings. Miko explains that this school is Arcana Academy, a training school open only to succubi. Now, Sasha is confused and vulnerable at a school surrounded by multitudes of sexy succubi who drain mana through sex in order to use magic.

Arcana Academy is a Visual novel game that focuses on the training of girls, and developing their succubus skills. This is still very much a work in progress and releases are coming in on the pipeline.

You can check out the public build of Arcana Academy on Itch.o. If like what you see, and are interested in supporting the game's development, you can do so through KimonoChan’s Patreon page.

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