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Boys Love Raising Sim Beyond Eden: Dear Edward Released on Steam

Follow Edward as he works to pay back his debt and make up with an old friend in Beyond Eden: Dear Edward, available now on Steam.

Beyond Eden: Dear Edward is the spinoff of another BL visual novel, Beyond Eden. While the previous game had you play the role of Alex Wake, a young man who sought revenge against the Edenic family, in the spinoff, you play as Edward Edenic, the third son of Baron Edenic. After piling up a large gambling debt, Edward begins seeking for a way to pay it back quickly. That’s when he and Alex make a deal to have Edward work as an amateur detective for a year, or risk his eldest brother learning about his debts.

This game plays differently from the previous entry in the series. Since this is a raising sim, you will be adjusting Edward’s stats and managing his schedule to help him pay back his debt before the deadline. You decide how Edward will spend his time each week, raising his stats through various activities while on cases. Some cases require specific skills, but you can earn more money by completing them.

There are two love interests for Edward to pursue: Alex Wake and Francis Taylor. If you decide not to take Alex for yourself, you can play matchmaker and get one of your brothers or acquaintances to hookup with Alex. Earn their trust by spending time with them and push them to be more intimate with Alex.

Alex Wake

The protagonist of "Beyond Eden", Alex is a handsome businessman and popular socialite.

Edward was smitten by him at first sight, but they remain mere acquaintances.

The animosity between the Wakes and the Edenics is just one obstacle that he must overcome to win Alex’s heart.

Francis Taylor

Francis Taylor is a shy, gentle young man and Edward’s boarding school roommate.

Unbeknownst to Edward, Francis had romantic feelings for him since they were boys. But to Edward, Francis was someone to avoid because he was involved in an incident that got Edward expelled.

A rather unlucky young man prone to get entangled in undesirable circumstances, Edward can choose to continue ignoring Francis or offer help.

You can buy Beyond Eden: Dear Edward on Steam for $34.99. There is also a demo available, if you would like to try a bit of the title out for yourself.

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