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JAST USA has announced that they will be publishing Closed Game, Empress's post-apocalyptic sci-fi nukige, in English.

Closed Game is the second title under the partnership between JAST USA and Empress, with the first being Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise. With Earth’s natural resources drying up and the division between the poor and the wealthy growing worse, people want nothing more than to find an escape from their situations. It's said that above the Earth is Caelum Urbs, a city in the heavens. Those born there have never experienced hunger, want, or disease; a life that those on Earth could only dream of.

At least, that was before the Closed Game started. If you can survive the Closed Game, a killing game gauntlet for the entertainment of others, you will become one of the “Heaveners” and be sent to Caelum Urbs. Are you willing to risk your own life, just for the chance to leave your planet behind?

Like Empress’ previous title, this one features more art by Seishoujo, the same artist behind Bible Black. JAST USA will release Closed Game digitally on their online store, fully translated and uncensored. There will be a limited edition available for pre-order on J-List, but it will be revealed at a later date.

With the Earth's natural resources drying up, and the divide between the rich and poor widening, society has all but collapsed. But turn your head towards the heavens and you may find hope in a place called Caelum Urbs. Those few born in that city in the sky never experience want, hunger, or disease. It's a life those born on Earth could only dream of... until now.

Survive the Closed Game – a horrifying killing game gauntlet – and you'll be rocketed to a new beginning as one of the "Heaveners" of Caelum Urbs. It may be pure entertainment for some debauched soul, but what have you got to lose?

You can check out Closed Game’s official trailer on Youtube.

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