Now supporting one handed controls

Defeat cute demons in nanakusadou's Monster Girls You-kichan!, an action platformer available now on DLsite.

In the world of Monster Girls You-kichan! demons have been kept at bay from the human world by their fear of a mythical heroine known as Pudding. However, as years passed, the demons forgot about the fearsome figure and invaded the human realm, conquering the unsuspecting human race in a flash. Despite wanting to avoid conflict, the shrine maiden Youki, who used to be known as Pudding, decides to save humanity and remind the demons of the fear they once felt long ago.

Monster Girls You-kichan! is an action platformer with a linear gameplay formula. The player has to navigate through eight treacherous stages and defeat a boss at the end of each level. Youki can wield one of five weapons scattered around the stages, along with the ability to double jump, climb walls, pick up and throw items, and make stealth kills on unsuspecting enemies.

Some demons will turn pink before attacking Youki, and then attempt to grapple her, leading to an animated sex scene. The player can help Youki free herself from the abuse by mashing keys, or watch the scene play out. While Youki is being abused, another character in the area may join, initiating a threesome. All adult animations are available in the game’s gallery from the get-go, without the need to beat the game first. Monster Girls You-kichan! features forty adult animations as well as eight vore scenes.

There once was a cruel warrior known as "Pudding the Heroine" in the demon world.

The name struck fear into all monsters who heard it.

However, as years passed, the name gradually vanished from everyone's consciousness.

And so time passed...

Suddenly the demon world attacked the human world.

Caught completely unaware, they were swiftly overrun.

All but for one island country in the East.

A lone shrine maiden rose to defend the kingdom.

Her name: Youki. The one once feared in the demon world as "Pudding".

She had sworn to never take up battle again...

The hands once purified in holy water will once again be drenched in blood.

The soul that prayed for peace will once again be filled with thoughts of carnage.

To save the world she loves, she'll throw it all away, and head back into intense battle!

If she returns to the field, surely the demon blood inside her will be aroused.

She can only pray it doesn't.

Monster Girls You-kichan! is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $18.70 (estimated from ¥1,936) until the midnight JST on the 31st of December, at which point it will cost $23.38 (estimated from ¥2,420).

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