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A new translation group, Kaguko Translations, has released an English patch for Knot Fiction, a romantic visual novel about being married to an onee-san type of woman.

Developed by Hachimitsu Soft, Knot Fiction is a visual novel where you play as Yuu, a man who married an older girl from his childhood. Yuu’s wife, Chisa Narumiya, has loved him since he was a child, but to this day, she continues to tease him as if he’s her little brother. Even when Yuu tries to take the initiative to please her, Chisa always finds a way to foil his attempts and tease him. Once everything's been said and done, she always takes the lead. Will Yuu ever catch a break and be seen as more than a kid?

Knot Fiction is Kaguko Translations' first translation patch since the translation group was established. On their site, they go into full detail on technical details and the difficulties they experienced with the game’s engine. There were some problems they came across that could not be fixed and others that were fixed with outside help.

Here are the unsolved issues.

- The VN refuses to close when you press “X” — No idea why this happens. It’s a bug with the original JP release. The only way to exit the game without “hard-shutting down” the process is to load a scene from the VN (or start a new game), then go back to Title Screen, and then press “Quit”. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Also, pressing “Quit” right after you launch the VN doesn’t work. Seems to be a coding bug with the original JP release. (12/26/2020 Update — The issue only affects some systems. I still don’t know what causes it, but the “Quit” button works fine on some systems.)

- Selecting “Fullscreen” for display in the config screen can cause the game to crash — It seems to happen randomly. Just use “Borderless” instead. I never had the game crash on me using that option.

- The text display speed is kinda weird — Yes, another thing I couldn’t fix. Blame this on SystemC. For some reason, it tends to ignore the text display speed you set in the config menu for the 2nd and 3rd row of text, and instead just instantly displays those no matter what text display speed you set. My advice is to set it to almost instant speed or completely instant to make your experience reading it less annoying. I was kinda bothered with how bugged it was, so I just set it to almost instant. If it wasn’t obvious by now, yes, this engine is the worst VN engine on the planet right now (or among the worst at least).

You can download the English patch for Knot Fiction and read all the technical details about the patch on the Kakugo Translations site. You can buy the game from DLsite and Fanza (DMM) on sale for 1,430 JPY, which is approximately $13.81 in USD. The sale on DLsite ends on January 4th, 2021, while on Fanza (DMM), the sale ends on January 12th, 2021. After the sales end, the game will return to its original sale price of 2,860 JYP, equivalent to $27.61 USD.

Just make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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