Putting the D in the double D.

Defeat legions of monsters in Lunasoft’s Magical Swordmaiden, a hack-and-slash RPG now available on Steam and Kagura Games’ storefront.

Magical Swordmaiden is a hack-and-slash RPG set within a fantasy world. The story follows Riru, an apprentice adventurer traveling with her master, Tanya. Recently, Tanya had received a letter from her brother, telling her that a forest has suddenly grown around their village. It now falls onto the two adventurers and their friends to investigate the mystery and dispatch the monsters that began roaming the countryside.

As Riru, the player will have to navigate through maze-like areas filled with monsters while seeking a path forward. Enemies can be attacked by simply clicking on them, and, once defeated, will grant Riru experience and loot. As she levels up, Riru can learn new abilities, up to six of which can be equipped at once, while Items can improve her statistics or change the way certain abilities behave.

There are two playable classes available to Riru in Magical Swordmaiden: melee and caster, each with their own skill tree. Riru's active class depends on the clothes she currently wears, with each class having three different outfits available.

The story of Magical Swordmaiden is divided into four acts. Dying or completing the game allows the player to view optional events showing Riru being abused by a monster, with the first three acts of the game featuring two erotic scenes of this kind. Additionally, Riru can acquire items called embryos during her adventure. By having sex with Tanya’s brother, Luis, Riru can transform the embryos into helpful familiars. The number of intimate encounters Riru shares with Luis will determine the game’s ending.


The main protagonist. She has been training under Tanya as an apprentice adventurer.

She’s blessed with great talent for both swordsmanship and magic. Even Tanya, a veteran adventurer, claims she possesses the kind of potential seen only once a century.

Though she’s a little timid and doesn’t yet acknowledge her own talents, she dreams of one day becoming a full-fledged adventurer.


A veteran adventurer who has traveled the world after leaving her hometown of Cain Village.

After receiving word from her younger brother, Luis, she returns to her hometown with her apprentice Riru in hopes of resolving the crisis befalling her village. However, she ends up leaving all of the actual investigation up to Riru, instead spending her days lazing about her family’s inn. She also has a taste for liquor, so she gets drunk regularly and ends up bothering Luis or Riru nearly every night.


Luis’s childhood friend. She’s a bright, spunky girl who runs the “Sweetroll Shop”, the general store in Cain Village, alongside her grandmother.Her shop sells potions and other adventuring items Riru requires.


Tanya’s best friend.

She’s a scholar with a wealth of knowledge about the magic in their world, though for some reason she’s unable to use it herself. As a result, she focuses her efforts on analyzing the information Riru and Tanya gain while exploring.

She’s always expressionless and calm, rarely ever saying much about herself.

You can now purchase Magical Swordmaiden on Steam and Kagura Games’ store for the promotional price of $17.99 until the 25th of December, at which point the game will cost $19.99. The Steam version of the game is devoid of adult content, which can be installed separately using a patch available for free on Kagura Games’ website.

In the past, Magical Swordmaiden was released under the name Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure- on MangaGamer, where it's still available for $19.95, and on DLsite, where it's available for the promotional price of $12.47 (estimated from ¥1,320) until the 4th of February, at which point it will cost $25.48 (estimated from ¥2,640). It bears noting that the DLsite release of the game contains mosaic censorship.

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