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New DLC for The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me has released, bringing more sexy scenarios of the heroines to Denpasoft and Steam.

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me is SMILE’s visual novel dating sim about Ren, a normal young man living in a special dormitory for flawed demon girls. In this dormitory, each girl has her own issues as a demon, and Ren was moved to this dorm by accident. Since this dormitory is meant to rehabilitate demon girls, he was assigned to be the dorm assistant, making him responsible for watching over them and teaching them how to be competent demons.

The add-on DLC for The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me is a fandisc, featuring a series of after stories centered around the heroines of the original game, where you’ll get to enjoy more sexy scenarios and antics of the demon girls. There is also a bonus story with Gome, the white seal that grants wishes — or so she says. In this story, you can take her out on the town, go on a date, and see a side of Gome you’ve never seen before.

Those ditzy demons are back once again in the fan disc for The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me. The fan disc contains a series of after stories featuring all the lovable heroines from the original game. What kind of antics will Riria and the rest of these ditzy demons get into?

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me – Fan Disc once again features the beautiful designs of character designer, Sayori. Please note that while the base game is not required to play the Fan Disc, it is recommended to have played the base game before playing the Fan Disc to avoid spoilers.


- After story scenarios for all main heroines

- Bonus Gome story

- Animated erotic scenes

You can buy The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me - Fandisc on Steam and Denpasoft for $17.99. You don't need to own the base game if you buy the game from Denpasoft, but you will need it if you get the Steam version. You can get The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me for sale right now on Steam for $14.99, until the sale ends on January 5th. After that, the base game will return to its original price of $24.99, and the fandisc to $19.99.

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