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Transported to another world, a young cook takes up work at a tavern in Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.1 New World Days-, available now on Steam.

Developed by iMel and qureate, Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.1 New World Days- follows the unpredictable life of a young cook working at a maid cafe. One day, while he’s closing the cafe for the night, he notices an unusual glow coming from one of the changing room’s lockers. He opens it to investigate further, and the light from within erupts.

By the time the light fades, the protagonist finds himself standing on a prairie, with a gelatinous creature jumping at him. Luckily, he’s saved by a passing girl named Lupine. Seeing the man’s confusion, she invites him over to her tavern, which she runs with a catgirl named Daisy. While there, the protagonist meets adventurers able to shed some light on his situation, and while he’s stuck in this fantasy world, he's welcome to stay at the tavern, working as a cook.

The visual novel features two heroines to romance, multiple endings, animated character sprites using the E-mote system, and eighteen CGs to unlock.


CV: Rin Mitaka

Lupine is the female owner of the tavern where adventurers gather, a place known as "The Stray Sheep".

Following her father's wishes, Lupine suceeded him as owner after his death.

She likes caring after others to the point of being a bit overbearing.

This caring nature of hers has won the hearts of her neighbors, who love her dearly.

Lupine works hard everyday to liven up the tavern left behind by her father, and fill it with adventurers, just like in the old days.

Even the adventurers there are no match for her in strength when it comes to handling drunk and troublesome guests.

She even has the power to send monsters flying. On the other hand, she is a catastrophe when it comes to cooking.

Unfortunately, her cooking has caused guests to stay away…


CV: Mochi Morisawa

"Daisy runs The Stray Sheep, along with Lupine.

After being saved by Lupine from a certain situation, she became one of the staff at The Stray Sheep, adoring Lupine like an older sister.

Seized by jealousy at seeing the main character grow close to Lupine, she plots how to get rid of him."

Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.1 New World Days- is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $10.39 until the 21st of December, at which point the visual novel will cost $12.99.

Adult content for Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.1 New World Days- has to be installed separately using a patch available on qureate’s website.

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