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Explore Pandemonium with four beautiful companions as you gather more power to use demonic abilities in Pronant Symphony, now available on DLsite.

Pronant Symphony is a dungeon-crawling RPG developed by E.B. The hero of the story is Julius (who can be renamed by the player), known as one of the Alvs. Alvs are similar to demons but are weaker than humans. The only way they can gain the upper hand on their enemies is by casting Pronant, a magical spell that can control anyone. Julius is low on magic, unable to cast that spell as often as he’d like. After using what little power he had left, Julius spent it on the four sisters and himself. Once he acquires the power he needs, he’ll no longer need them anymore.

The game features three difficulty modes: easy, normal, and hell. When you enter Pandemonium, the enemies will spawn randomly until you defeat the floor master, after which, there will be no more random encounters on that floor. The game's combat is turn-based, with the ability to see which type of attack the enemy will make on a turn, which you can use to your advantage and counter them. You can even cancel out their attributes for a couple of turns if one of your companions has the ability. Continue through the dungeons of Pandemonium and collect more power.

You can use your Pronant to get your four companions to do a wide array of things for you, whether they be innocent or depraved. You can ask any one of them for a hug, information, details about her past, or even to merely hold hands, if you want to play on the innocent side. On the other hand, you can tell her to take her clothes off, rape her, give you a blowjob, and give you her blood. Once you ask a girl to do a specific act, you can see it again for free.

In Pronant Symphony, you have the choice to be good or evil, and the decisions you make will lead you down to an ending. Sometimes, you’ll need to settle disputes between the sisters. You will even have the option to defeat your enemy or sacrifice your girls for them to be raped. They will be set free afterward but will remember your actions and start to doubt your leadership. Based on your actions, certain areas of the dungeon may not want to associate or do business with you; the guild will only let you join if you're good, while the black market will only do business with you if you are evil. How you use your Pronant will heavily affect the ending you receive.

You can buy Pronant Symphony in English on DLsite for $19.03. There's also a demo available, in case you would like to try the title out first. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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