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The limited edition for Nitro+CHiRAL’s cyber-pop BL visual novel DRAMAtical Murder is now available for pre-orders.

DRAMAtical Murder, originally released in 2012, is known for its colorful cyber-pop visuals and dark themes, and became a popular title among BL fans. While it was adapted into a live-action stage-production in Japan and an anime series, the game did not receive an official Western release until now.

Midorijima was once a beautiful island where people lived in harmony with nature. When the Toue Corporation took over, they forced the island’s residents into the shadows of the Platinum Jail, a walled off megaresort where the wealthy indulge in luxury. Aoba, the protagonist, is a young man living with his grandmother and working part-time at a junk-shop. While his friends are joining gangs and diving deep into virtual reality, Aoba just wants a normal peaceful life. When strange things start to happen in Midorijima, he'll have to fight or lose everything he cares about.

In the DRAMAtical Murder Limited Edition, you will receive a hardcopy of the game DVD, a CD of the original soundtrack, a Steam key for the game, a digital artbook (which you will receive via download key), and two of six randomly selected limited edition character pins. The characters featured on the pins are Aoba, Koujaku, Noiz, Clear, Ren, and Mink. The game will also be released uncensored on JAST USA and censored on Steam. You will be able to get the 18+ patch from JAST USA to restore the adult content to the Steam version when the game releases.

You can pre-order the limited edition of DRAMAtical Murder on J-List for the discounted price of $36.00 — with the full price set at $40.00. There is no listed release date as of right now, but the English release will be coming soon.

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