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A kunoichi strives to please her abusive daimyo in Nuruhachi Pon Pon's Coming down in the world of a battle nation RPG "Kunoichi Akane", available now on Steam.

Coming down in the world of a battle nation RPG "Kunoichi Akane" is an RPG set in a fantasy version of Japan, where two daimyos have been striving for power. Hakuoni Seibei has been amassing a demonic army in order to conquer the world, while Haraguro Daizaemon has been exploiting his people by enslaving the women under his reign. To dispose of his competition, Haraguro Daizaemon reaches out to a hidden ninja village and makes a request to have Hakuoni Seibei assassinated.

The task ultimately falls upon Akane, a young girl who stumbled upon the ninja village as a child. Instead of killing her to protect their secrecy, the village made an exception and accepted her as a kunoichi. Now one of their most reputable agents, she was tasked with killing one of the two daimyos and succeeded, unifying the country. As a result, Haraguro Daizaemon becomes interested in Akane and begins to inviting her to meetings with him, only to abuse her. As time passes, the daimyo begins to send Akane on a variety of missions designed to further ruin her reputation.

While playing Coming down in the world of a battle nation RPG "Kunoichi Akane", you'll have to accomplish provided objectives while controlling Akane. The young kunoichi will have to explore a variety of areas while either sneaking past enemies or facing them in turn-based combat. The game features ten sexually explicit scenarios that take place as part of the story. In many of them, Akane is abused against her will.


Akane (a heroine) is a skilled high-ranking ninja.

She was raised after being helped by Yuga, who was the next leader of the village, and brought out her talent as Ninja.

She loves Yuga as if he is her real brother.

Sex scene lists (all "ten" scenes)

* Drunken rape

* Restraint of limbs with split beaver

* Restraint & blindfold doggy style

* Tittyfuck blowjob

* Toys double penetration (with incontinence)

* Gangbang (Clothing, with or without)

* Wall fuck group orgy

* Masturbation Clothing doggy style

* Woman on Top (Clothing, with or without)

* Love hold

You can now purchase Coming down in the world of a battle nation RPG "Kunoichi Akane" on Steam for $9.99. Prior to this release, the game was also released on DLsite under the name Crimson Ninja Akane: Legend of the Fall, where it is available for the promotional price of $6.90 (estimated from ¥715) until the 4th of February, at which point it will cost $13.80 (estimated from ¥1,430). Additionally, a demo of the game is available on DLsite.

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