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Become a god and control the universe in Divine Adventure: Act One, an erotic parody dating sim and visual novel, now available on Steam.

Developed by Masquerade Games, whose previous work includes Anno Domini Godfather, Divine Adventure: Act One is a sci-fi parody visual novel based upon DragonBall, and is the first entry of what will be the Divine Adventure franchise.

Months after the death of a god of destruction, you are chosen to be their replacement. As a god, you can change the lives of mortals for better or worse — controlling their lives however you see fit. You’ll get the opportunity to go on adventures, experience intriguing scenarios, and collect divine crystals to become more powerful. It’s up to you whether you want to stop evil or become evil yourself.

Meet new characters and get the chance to go on dates. Accept quests, buy gifts, and chat to get close to them. How they interact with you depends on the choices you make. Manage your divine work by answering the prayers of mortals and customize the settings of your personal angel. Live out the divine life in your own castle and battle to show your might to the other gods.

In this story rich text based RPG you must take up the mantle of the new god of destruction in this game you can expect thrilling adventures, exciting scenarios and many many characters. Customise your personal angel setting and defining your personal colour. Change the lives of the mortals in your universe; for good or for bad.

You can purchase Divine Adventure: Act One on Steam for $11.99. If you'd like to keep an eye on Masquerade Games’ works, you can find out more, and stay up to date, through their Patreon page.

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