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Solve puzzles and craft potions while you explore a fantasy world in Alchimia, a point-and-click style visual novel now in development.

Alchmia follows a young boy named Nemo, whose name can be changed. Nemo is learning alchemy and potion brewing under the tutelage of his mother Myrynda. While taking stock of items, he finds a potion recipe book hidden away in the storage room. Myrynda catches him with it and tells him never to touch it or even think about making any of the potions from that book. As a young boy who is curious to learn more about the craft, Nemo disobeys his mother's order.

In Alchimia, you will be able to secretly learn potions from the recipe book and craft them in the storage room. You must first learn a potion and gather the ingredients before creating it. When you're combining ingredients together an image of the potion you are creating will appear in the potion crafting menu. Since the game is set on a daily cycle, you can only do one of each activity per day. Meaning that you can only learn a potion recipe, forage for ingredients, and work once a day. To do more, you'll need to go to sleep and start the next day.

You have a map, giving you the ability to explore the world freely during the day and night. Certain events will happen during different times of day, so be sure to keep track of them. There are also some minigames and puzzles for you to play. Among them is a minigame where you need to work at a tavern serving food in the right order while under a time limit. Playing this minigame will take up the rest of your day, making it nighttime when you finish it.

You can romance a few of the characters in the Achemia too. Each one will have two unique routes. The current version of the game has the most content of Elys, the blacksmith’s daughter and Nemo’s childhood friend. Along with her content, you can find a few CGs from the other girls, some of Myrynda, and two of a kind prostitute named Roxanne.


- A moderately sized but variegated cast of characters

- Two unique routes for (almost) all romanceable character

- One handed gameplay technology

- Expanded potion crafting

- A full explorable map complete with unique locations

- Optional minigames

- Tits

- And much more!

You can find the current build of Alchimia on where you can name your own price. If you like what you see and would like to support the game’s development, you can do so on or via Voluptasoft’s SubscribeStar.

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