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Free-to-Play Gacha RPG ReBless Zwei R Now Available on Nutaku

Assemble a party capable of defeating the arch-demon in DMMGAMES’ ReBless Zwei R, an adult gacha RPG now available on Nutaku.

The fantasy world of ReBless Zwei R is dominated by the human race. Once the human king defeated his only equal, known as Master Brave, there were none left who could stand in his way. The universe’s creator didn’t interfere at the time, believing that humans would show restraint despite their dominance. He was mistaken, though, as the human king had soon declared war on the dragon beings, going so far as to crusade against other human nations as well.

Around the same time, another master was on a journey to defeat the arch-demon. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a demon and died in battle. Seeing the potential in this master, the universe’s creator decided to turn back time, to the beginning of the second master’s journey, so that they may try to face the arch-demon again. In the hope that, just maybe, he will become someone who can restore balance to the world.

During the game you take control of the second master, and re-trace his adventure from the moment he began his quest against the arch-demon with his most trusty companions at his side. The game is divided into missions, each composed of one or multiple automatic battles, where your party members and enemies take turns attacking one another. At the beginning of each level, a new portion of the story is revealed through dialogue.

New party members can be acquired using ReBless Zwei R’s gacha system, which allows for purchase of random characters or their fragments. Certain fragments can also be bought directly from the in-game store, and later used to increase the star level of party members, which in some cases changes their appearance. Your party members in ReBless Zwei R can be improved by increasing their level and rank using resources, as well as equipping them with weapons and armors found during your adventure, which can also be upgraded separately. Once ready, the team can fight monsters in the mission levels, or face the other player’s parties in the arena.

ReBless Zwei R is now available as a free-to-play game on Nutaku.

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