You will never be the same again

Follow Kellin, a mercenary in training as he stumbles upon the sex lives of humans, monsters, and magical creatures in Faefire Fantasy.

Faefire Fantasy is an erotic RPG with turn-based combat, quests, and a weekly cycle. You play as Kellin, a mercenary in training who lives alone with his little sister. While accepting quests from people, he’s been running into some awkward situations, finding out more about the townsfolk, and what they do when they think no one is looking. The rancher is a bit too intimate with her birds, two mercenaries in training are engaged in a titfuck while on watch duty, the head captain of the guild gets drunk and leaves herself exposed, and more.

Faefire Fantasy has some themes that some people may not be interested in, such as scenes that don’t include the male protagonist, bestiality, futanari, and yuri. For those who want to avoid most of these themes, DakotaNova has implemented the One True Dick Mode. This will disable most of the content previously mentioned.

As for the previously mentioned he weekly cycle, it starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Each day is separated into four sections: morning, midday, afternoon, and night. You'll be able to activate certain character events on different days and times, and find hints about them from the book in your house. Time will move forward by eating a meal, going to sleep, or touching the crystal in town.

Faefire Fantasy is an erotic fantasy tale set in the quiet town of Canden. Things don't stay quiet for long, however, so enjoy this story of adventure, mystery, and sexy times with humans, monsters, and everything in between.

This launch build includes the opening chapter of our grand story, and several short character stories with a few of the fellow villagers you'll come to know! Including a few illustrated scenes!

You can find the public build of Faefire Fantasy on If you wish to play the latest builds of the game, and would like to support DakodaNova, you can do so through their SubscribeStar page.

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