Going in dry

Follow succubus policewoman Alyss as she seeks to take down a demonic sex trafficking ring in Azurezero’s Abyssal Agent Alyss, now available on DLsite.

Abyssal Agent Alyss is an fantasy RPG that takes place in the same universe as Kate’s Test, Azurezero’s RPG about a girl who makes a deal with demons to get her ideal body. In this game, the titular Alyss is a succubus working for the demon world police department. Her next task is to take down a demonic sex trafficking ring that is currently hiding out in the human world. While infiltrating the hideout, she’s helped out by Phantom Thief Sylphy, a human girl who has been investigating the ring on her own. Together, they join forces to stop the demons.

This RPG has turn-based combat with a rescue system in place. You have bars indicating health and resistance and there are no game overs. If a character runs out of resistance, she will be captured by the enemy and an animated sex scene will play during the battle. She will be out of play, but, as long as her health is filled, she will remain in your party. You can either rescue her with your other character or she will eventually free herself. On the other hand, if a character instead runs out of health, you will receive another sex scene, but she will be captured and removed from your party. After you win the battle, you will need to find her nearby, where you’ll receive another scene. There are six sex animations and twelve lewd CGs in total.

Abyssal Agent Alyss is an Erotic fantasy RPG. Set in the world of Kate's Test, Abyssal Agent Alyss follows Alyss, a succubus working for the demon world police department.

Alyss is tasked with taking down a demonic sex trafficking ring. After getting into trouble, she is aided by Phantom Thief Sylphy, A human investigating the ring. The two team up and attempt to defeat the evil demons.

Will they succeed or will they fall to lust?

You can buy Abyssal Agent Alyss on DLsite for the sale price of $16.06 until February 4th, 2021 at 2 PM JST. After which, the price returns to its normal $20.07. There is also a demo available if you would like to try it out first. The game itself requires the RPG Maker VX Ace run time package, which you can find here on the RPG Maker site.

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