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Escape a twisted psychiatric ward in Liquid Moon’s SILENCE OF THE DAMNED, a point and click survival horror game now available on DLsite.

SILENCE OF THE DAMNED is a gruesome point and click adventure game about a nightmare that befell a nurse named Melice. One night, as she enters the closed ward, Melice comes upon a naked man muttering to himself. When asked about what happened, he points deeper into the hospital. As Melice follows his direction, she soon finds twisted rooms inhabited by monstrosities, poised to torment and abuse her.

SILENCE OF THE DAMNED shares many gameplay similarities to Liquid Moon’s previous work, House of Creepy Monsters. The player can move around the level by simply holding the left mouse button. Using elements of the environment, the player has to solve puzzles, while simultaneously taking care to sneak around roaming monsters by hiding in closets.

Every time Melice is caught by a monster, she will lose a life point. If the player runs out of lives, Melice will be abused by the creature that struck her last.

Melice is a nurse working in the closed ward.

The world where she is now is like a never-ending nightmare and she must escape from there.

★ The purpose of this game is to explore the hospital where creepy monsters wander.

★ Solve puzzles and find a way out.

★ If you get caught by monsters and your LIFE becomes zero, the insult scene will start.

* There is a gallery that allows you to view H scenes you have already seen.


Cross-Breed, Rape, Blow-job, Tentacle, Pregnancy, Birthing etc...

*This game also includes gore scenes that may not be suitable for some people. Please be careful.

SILENCE OF THE DAMNED is now available on DLsite for $10.58 (estimated from ¥1,100).

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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