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Get revenge against the kingdom that exiled you by corrupting their forces from the inside in the dungeon-crawling RPG Kingdom of Subversion.

Kingdom of Subversion places you in the shoes of a half-goblin-half-human outcast, who was exiled from the Kingdom of Lumis due to his birth. He was separated from his goblin mother and was raised by his human father, but he never fit in with the rest of the humans. When he meets Queen Selvana of Umbrus, the rival to the Kingdom of Lumis, he decides to join forces with her. Queen Selvana intends to bring down the Kingdom of Lumis and its ruler, Queen Roserra. To do this, she has turned our protagonist into a complete human to infiltrate the kingdom as an up-and-coming hero.

As a new hero, you will work your way up and make a name for yourself. Take on quests and fight monsters or bandits to gain experience. When your name becomes known throughout the land, you can use that influence to infiltrate Lumis’ royal court, a group appointed by those closest to Queen Roserra. Make them submit to you by using the power granted by Queen Selvana so that you can reach Queen Roiserra.

The controls and combat in Kingdom of Subversion can be played with your mouse, keyboard, or both. Simply use WASD, arrow keys, or the mouse to move the protagonist. When you encounter an enemy, a battle will begin when you are in range. Once in combat, you have three types of attacks at your disposal: melee, ranged, and magic. Keep in mind that the controls for the mouse and keyboard will have different instructions. For melee attacks, the keyboard controls will just have you press Q, then press R. For mouse controls, you need to click the sword on the taskbar and drag the Q to the R, to form a slashing motion. The enemies can also attack you, but you can block them by pressing button prompts or clicking on their shields. During combat, you're also able to use both mouse and keyboard controls at the same time.

Kingdom of Subversion is a fantasy adult rpg developed in Unity, by the team of Nergal and Aimless. Focused around the corruption of powerful individuals that make up the Kingdom of Lumis. There will be many choices, including your preferred method of corruption, with three being available from the start.

Expect a fun, interactive rpg experience. Where the idea of grinding isn't the crux of design, but creating, fun, engaging, short battles as is key. Your character will be customisable as you choose to focus on ranged, melee or magic (or a combination of any), and as you become more powerful, you learn new abilities that you can select.

Expect to see a lot of variety of NPCs of all different races, heights and personalities! Each with their own interesting history, and of course way of corrupting them!

You can find out more, and play the 0.2 public build of Kingdom of Subversion on

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