Going in dry

Beat up monsters and bandits in MenZ Studio's Atelier Tia, an adult side-scrolling fantasy brawler, now available on Steam.

Atelier Tia, from developer MenZ Studio, is a brawler taking place in a fantasy world. The game follows an apprentice alchemist named Tia, who goes shopping to a nearby town only to find the entire city engaged in a mindless orgy, while a sweet smell of perfume is spreading through the air. Tia soon finds out that a group of bandits has spread a gaseous aphrodisiac through town to gather sexual energies and turn them into magic. Seeing as nothing good can come off this ploy, she decides to beat up the bandits herself. Though, to successfully stop them she’ll need to counteract the perfume, and to pull that off Tia has to find ingredients scattered across the continent.

Atelier Tia takes place in multiple separate levels containing branching paths and optional rooms. The player has to take Tia to the end of each stage, fighting monsters and bosses along the way. During combat, Tia can weave combos from basic attacks and special magic moves. The player can also bring an assortment of consumable items, which can be crafted in-between missions using material found during the levels.

Enemies will attempt to rape Tia whenever they can stun her; however, Tia is ready to return the favor herself. Whenever she defeats a female opponent, she can summon sexual devices in order to abuse them in revenge, harvesting their magic energy in the process. Most of the game’s explicit content is portrayed through sprite animation, but the game also features a selection of animated CG scenes that occur as part of the story.


Tia, an alchemist girl who run her atelier outside town. She has tomboy personality and love fighting. She live with the cutest animal name “Poppo”.One day the town near her atelier get attacked by bad alchemist organization. People in town become brainwash and only want to have sex because of strange perfume. Now Tia need to find catalysts for synthesis alchemist items that can help town while fighting against bad alchemist organization. Can Tia save the town with her strength and alchemy?

The demo and video trailer is censored because I use it from DLsite version but the full game on steam is UNCENSORED.


- 9 Stages- 49 Enemies

- 15 Animation CG and 98 H-sprites

- Comedy storyline with adventure element

- Fun and challenge combat system

- Synthesis equipment and consumable items to help your adventure

- Upgrade stats

- Sexy content by enemy attack or Punish bad girls. Both win & lose rewards.

- English, Japanese and Chinese languages support (Choose "English" in steam config when download game. You can change language inside the game)

- Gamepad, normal control support but not extra button such as Home button and not support PS4 controller (plugged before start).

You can now purchase the uncensored version of Atelier Tia on Steam for $17.99. Previously, a version of the game featuring mosaics was released on DLsite, where it is currently available for $23.20 (estimated from ¥2,420).

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