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Mystery Visual Novel Meteor World Actor Releases with the Launch of Johren's Cyber Monday Sale

ShiraVN has published their superpowered detective visual novel Meteor World Actor in time for Johren’s week-long Cyber Monday sale, which also includes a giveaway.

Meteor World Actor is a mystery visual novel taking place in a science fantasy setting, where various fantastical races live alongside humans in a giant metropolis called the Seventh Republic. Due to the racial tensions within the city, the National Police Agency uses extreme surveillance methods on its citizens. The story follows members of the police agency’s 13th Division. Nicknamed the Sideliners, they're known for opposing NPA's methods, and putting their dedication towards the citizens above all else.

The visual novel features a thirt-hour-long story written by Syougo Kinugasa — author of the light novel Classroom of the Elite — artwork in 1080p resolution by artist Yu Akinashi, and four romance options.

CLARIS ZEINBURG is the 13th Division’s new rookie—and new partner to Ruka Hiryu, the number-one troublemaker in the whole NPA. She clocks in punctually and clocks out even moreso, and she and Ruka are like oil and water. Will she adapt to his unconventional style, or will the 13th Division get its act together? (Spoiler alert: It won’t.)

KOMACHI SHINOMIYA is always on her way to a mixer. She knows everybody, and everybody knows her: she’s a fearsome force on the rumor mill. Really she’s just looking for the right guy; he could be found anywhere, although certainly not in the hard-drinking, hard-living, hard-slacking Ruka Hiryu.

MELL is a bit of a mystery. When she gets tangled up in a nasty case, Ruka saves her, for once playing a genuine hero—but exactly who’s chasing her, and why? That she deserves protection is hardly in question, but how much will her safety cost the city’s other citizens? And will her brave, aging knight be enough to defend her?

Friendly local segitt CHIFFON MACDOUGALL moves in next to our protagonist, Ruka, one ordinary day. She’s honest, hardworking, and kind to a fault—almost too good a person, in fact. There’s been a spate of sword-based killings of late, and Chiffon is also an excellent swordswoman.

Meteor World Actor was released just in time for Johren’s week-long Cyber Monday Sale. Until the 6th of December, over a hundred of Japanese language titles available on Johren are being sold at half price, including Meteor World Actor. Additionally, during the sale 3D Custom Lady Maker and Fruity Rangers: Peach’s Predicament are available for free.

Meteor World Actor is currently available exclusively on Johren for the halved price of $19.99 as part of their Cyber Monday sale, which will last until December 6th, at which point Meteor World Actor will cost $39.99. You can browse the entire Cyber Monday sale directly on Johren's storefront.

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