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Soulsoftea Has Released a Demo for Their Bara Thriller, Let's MEAT Adam 2

A young man comes to L.A. to find his missing friend, but he’ll have to join a gay porn studio if he wants to find the truth in Let’s MEAT Adam 2.

Let’s MEAT Adam 2 is a sequel to soulsoftea’s 2017 horror game Let’s MEAT Adam. While the previous game’s focus was on escape rooms, the sequel will take you through the depravity of an elite gay filming studio.

Our protagonist this time around is a different Adam from the previous game. The new Adam goes to California to search for River, a friend who moved to California to be an actor who Adam suddenly lost contact with. After arriving to River’s apartment, he finds River on the cover of a gay porn Blu-ray along with along with other clues hinting that River got involved with the gay adult filming studio MAN-ticore Video. Inquiring about River directly doesn’t work and it seems that no one else is going to help. Adam then decides he will have to go undercover into MAN-ticore Video, conducting his own investigation, but how far is he willing to go?

Let’s MEAT Adam 2 has point-and-click game mechanics where you search for items that can be clues in your investigation. When you find all the items, you are asked to pick the most relevant ones. The correct answers will turn into insight points, which can be spent on unique options. In turn, these insights can improve how a character views you and might save you from life threatening situations.


LMA2 is a Gay Bara Horror Visual Novel, with murder mystery and puzzle elements; the sequel to 2017's "Let's MEAT Adam". Available for PC, Mac, and Android.


- Play as an all new "Adam", within a brand new story/setting.

- Unlockable Pinup Gallery. Featuring art from beloved gay/bara artists, like Dizdoodz, Geremy Walker, CaesarCub, Cerealex + more

- 8 Unique Endings, one being the "True End".

- Mature 18+ content: NSFW, Strong Language, Blood/Gore, Explicit Sexuality

- New "Insight" gameplay system. Master it to gain favor with others, and to save yourself from deadly situations.

- Classic LMA Investigation/Hidden Object gameplay is back...but with a twist.

- Animated character sprites + partial voice acting

You can play the demo for Let’s MEAT Adam 2 on Itch.io. The game is currently in development and there is no planned release date as of yet.

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