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Use magic to hunt down thieves in ShiroKuroSoft’s Alisa Quest, an erotic fantasy RPG following a mage-in-training, now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

Alisa Quest begins in Brau Village, a quiet place distinguished by its unusual treasure: the five spirit jewels. These precious stones are said to be manifestations of ancient spirits who protect the settlement. One night, a group of bandits steals them from the village, leaving the village defenseless. Due to the importance of the stones, the villagers call on Alisa, an apprentice studying in Brau to become a mage. Alisa was meant to take her final exams very soon, but due to the importance of the spirit stones, she's instead tasked with tracking down the bandits and recovering the sacred treasure. On the plus side, if she succeeds, she’ll be recognized as a full-fledged mage.

During her quest, Alisa will have to explore the continent in search of the stones and fight monsters in turn-based battles. During certain events, Alisa will be able to make use of her own body to accomplish her tasks, though, as she does so, her rationality will decrease, corrupting her morals and leading to more erotic scenarios. Alisa’s rationality score at the end of the game will dictate which ending you get.

Brau Village is a small community where the people live in peace, blessed by the protection of the Five Spirit Jewels. These Jewels are manifestations of the spirits that governed the land since ancient times: the Red Spirit of Fire, the Yellow Spirit of Light, the Purple Spirit of Darkness, and the Green Spirit of Land. One day, bandits sneak into the village and steal the Spirit Jewels. Without them, the Spirits are no longer around to protect Brau Village and thus the Village Elder decides that someone must venture forth to track down the bandits and return the Five Spirit Jewels to their rightful place.

Alisa is a young woman who is an apprentice mage who is training to become a full-fledged mage. Normally, an apprentice mage would travel into the forest surrounding the village to subdue monsters as their promotion test, but given the emergency befalling the village, it is decided that Alisa’s retrieval of the Five Spirit Jewels will be her promotion test.

With everyone’s encouragement, Alisa sets forth on an adventure to retrieve the Five Spirit Jewels and bring back peace and tranquility to her village.

You can purchase Alisa Quest on Denpasoft and Steam for the promotional price of $10.39 until December 1st, after which point the game will cost $12.99.

Adult content for the Steam version of Alisa Quest has to be installed separately through DLC available for free from Denpasoft.

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