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Cooperate with the Grim Reaper to ruin an idol’s career in sweet princess’s Bitch Idol Collapse Story - My Revenge Is tough -, an RPG now available on DLsite.

Bitch Idol Collapse Story - My Revenge Is tough - is an RPG about a student named Aakio Hayashi, who goes to the same class as a popular new idol, Yasu Sayaka. One day, while seeing Yasu get dragged into a car, Aakio mistakenly assumes that she’s being kidnapped and jumps in the front of the vehicle, causing him to get run over. Aakio barely survives, only to learn that Yasu was merely arguing with her manager, who later covered up the incident to avoid a scandal.

The incident had ended up with Yasu caring more about Aakio, who was previously just a nameless classmate to her. Now being much closer to his favorite idol, Aakio gets overly excited and confesses his love to Yasu, who rejects him. Depressed, Aakio attempts to kill himself, but the Grim Reaper spares him once again, explaining that he finds the young man amusing. He grants Aakio the power to control the minds of others and offers to help him take revenge on Yasu for rejecting him.

Bitch Idol Collapse Story - My Revenge Is tough - is heavily focused on its narrative. Controlling Hayashi, the player is often tasked with simply finding the location of the next story event; however, to use his powers of mind control, Hayashi has to explore dungeons hidden within the minds of others, teeming with dangers he’ll have to defeat in battle. The game features twenty explicit scenes to discover, during which Aakio will force various characters to assault the young idol.

Hero: Akio Hayashi**

There's an idol in the same classroom as me.

It is a girl who became a national idol, there is no day not seen on the television and the magazine now.

I'm seriously in love. I's not the kind of fan who sees her with curious eyes.

I'm the only one who can make her happy.

Idol: Yasu Sayaka**

A high school student who goes to the same high school as the main character and is a pure idol.

He is gentle and serious, and continues idol activities such as television, magazines, and concerts between his studies.

The hero becomes good because it fears the scandal.

Bitch Idol Collapse Story - My Revenge Is tough - is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $9.31 (estimated from ¥968) until the 15th of December, at which point it will cost $11.64 (estimated from ¥1,210). Additionally, a demo of the game is available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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