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Stop the Yakuza in ankoku marimokan’s SNEAK IN DESPERADA, an urban fantasy RPG now available on DLsite.

SNEAK IN DESPERADA is an urban fantasy RPG following the demon huntress Momoka Zero during her work for a hitman corporation named Seraphim Clean. The corporation has been recently contracted to take out a yakuza group; however, once they've successfully raided their headquarters, they're confronted by supernatural beings with high resistance to conventional weaponry. After some digging, they found out that the yakuza have stolen Momoka’s family heirloom weapon and likely used it to summon demons. As such, the corporation has asked Momoka for help, offering her payment and a chance to recover a part of her family’s history.

During the game, you control Momoka and her allies in their efforts to stop the yakuza. In order to fulfil their objectives, the girls have to sneak through the enemy base, filled to the brim with gangsters and supernatural monsters. Getting caught means taking part in a turn-based battle, where enemies may attempt to strip and rape the girls. Defeating opponents grants experience and loot, while losing to enemies will initiate a game over cutscene, during which the girls will face abuse.

SNEAK IN DESPERADA features three playable characters, thirty-four base CGs, eighteen mid-battle rape animations, and up to six hours of gameplay. By finishing the game, players can unlock the entire image and scene gallery, circumventing the need to lose battles intentionally.


The "Mid-Battle R*pe Anime System"

makes sure the assault don't stop, even during fights.

When a girl is totally defeated she's taking prisoner;

break her out in a "Total Defeat Special Escape Event"


SNEAK IN DESPERADA stars 3 unique characters in

34 base CGs (260+ total, not counting pose art!) and 18 battle animations (+ extra),

3 to 6 hours of gameplay of GIRLS GETTING REKT from captive ramming

to amateur porn, an orgy party, gut-busting birth, S&M, slave auction, bondage,

electric shock, bestiality, gushing milk, interspecies/tentacle sex, brainwashed exhibition, forced prostitution and more.

SNEAK IN DESPERADA is now available on DLsite for $15.89 (estimated from ¥1,650).

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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