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Young girls search for an angel in BaseSon’s Wanting Wings, a yuri slice of life visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Wanting Wings is a duology of slice of life yuri visual novels, taking place at an all-girls boarding school named Seiyou Girls’. A trio of vastly different girls attending the school manage to become good friends while sharing only one thing in common: they all saw an angel when they were young. As time passes, the girls begin to suspect that one among them might actually be such an angel.

The duology is comprised of Wanting Wings: Her and Her One-Month Romance and Faraway Feathers: Her and Her Valentine’s Romance, both of which are included in MangaGamer’s release. Wanting Wings features uncensored artwork in a 1024x768 resolution, full voice acting, and multiple endings.

Hina Natsume

A pure-hearted, uncomplicated girl. Though she can be childish, she tends to take charge and enjoys caring for others. She’s a bit of a prude, but when she falls in love, she’s the type to devote herself completely to her partner. The jealous type.

"I won’t allow any deviancy in this room as long as I live!"

Rin Ogata

A nihilistic pedant. Everyone in her class thinks of her as a cool beauty, but that image completely falls apart at home. The awkward type who understands love in theory but has trouble putting it into practice. A lonely pushover and a natural bottom.

"I’ll marry Asou and we’ll keep Hina as our pet! That’s my ideal life!"

Fumi Asou

Kind and sweet, the conscience of the room. She used to be in the Home Ec Club, and gets plenty of use out of those skills in her dorm room. Takes on a mothering role, including making everyone’s lunch every morning.

She projects serenity, but is steadfast at heart. She’s able to see through people and discern what they really want, and will use that to her advantage.

"If you’re going to marry me, you’d better treat me right."

Miyako Takaoka

A beautiful, mysterious girl who joins the three as their new roommate. She’s pure-hearted and easily moved, demure yet forward.

A snooze-monster who sleeps a ton.

Sachiko Takaoka

A half-ass. Carefree, footloose, and uninhibited. She’s in charge of the dorm, but doesn’t take the job too seriously, sending the students to buy her cigarettes and such. Her hobbies are loving cute girls and painting. She’s asked the three girls to model nude for her, but none of them have taken her up on it. "Wanna model for me? If you do it nude, I’ll throw in another 10,000!"

You can purchase Wanting Wings on MangaGamer for $34.95.

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