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A female knight pursues the king of bandits in Planet Pandemic’s BegieAde ~a lyric of lie and retribution~, an erotic fantasy RPG published by OTAKU Plan on Steam.

BegieAde ~a lyric of lie and retribution~ is a fantasy RPG taking place at the border of Kiska Kingdom, in a region referred to as Idum. The story’s protagonist is Tereza Le Couleurs, leader of the Fifth Order of the Kingdom's Knights. Tereza and her men are tasked with liberating a fortress located in Idum, which was seized by bandits. The knights succeed and capture the bandits’ leader Duardo, who calls their effort unjust. A succubus named Lyric hears Duardo’s woes, and grants him dark powers. However, Lyric soon comes to regret her decision, as Duardo grows much more powerful and wicked than she had anticipated. In order to fix her mistake, she seeks Tereza’s aid, asking her to face Duardo once again, but also plots her own scheme against the female knight.

The game follows a classic RPG formula offering exploration, quests, and classic turn-based battles. During her pursuit of Duardo, Tereza will be abused by her foes, often in groups, all of which may lead to her morals becoming corrupt.


Tereza, the captain of kingdom knight, was defeated by the bandit boss Duardo who has got evil power after Tereza's team captured him.The succubus girl, Lyric, who gave the evil power to Duardo, said she needs Tereza's help to defeat Duardo because he got way too strong that already beyond her control. But in fact, Lyric has her own purpose to get close to Tereza...


• Animated character

• Epic storyline with twists and turns

• Multi-endings

• Classic J-RPGRPG

You can now purchase BegieAde ~a lyric of lie and retribution~ on Steam for $13.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, and is available in the form of a patch found on OTAKU Plan’s website.

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