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Escape from the randomized dungeon in Hide Games’ Escape Dungeon, a roguelite RPG published on Steam by Hide Games and Lewd Formosa.

Escape Dungeon takes place in a fantasy world where the Sundista Kingdom fought an endless battle against the demonic armies led by Lord Quaron. While victorious for the longest time, Sundista eventually lost its king, allowing the demons to gain the upperhand. Seeing their imminent doom, Shalith, the grand mage of the Sundista Kingdom, used magic to teleport her queen to safety. However, doing so has left Shalith defenseless. Seizing on this opportunity, the demons quickly captured the grand mage and imprisoned her in the ever-changing enchanted mines of Lord Quaron.

The game itself is a turn-based roguelite, with your goal being to help Shalith escape from the mines without dying. The player has only one chance to succeed, and if they fail, the dungeon will be generated anew. While exploring the mines, Shalith can find story clues, various useful items to fight her opponents, and gems used to improve her abilities permanently. However, every time Shalith takes a step, so do the enemies.

As Shalith takes damage, her clothing will begin to tear apart. If she completely runs out of health, monsters will imprison her and subject her to abuse. Escape Dungeon contains twenty-six sexually explicit cutscenes featuring Live2D animation.

Escape captivity in this turn-based roguelite! Enemies and items will spawn randomly as you navigate your way through the enchanted mines. You don't need to defeat all your captors, but you have to escape!


◇ Experience the action with Live2D animated & interactive CGs!

◇ Examine every detail with our detailed CGs 3x the size of regular CGs!

◇ Explore and break out of these treacherous procedurally-generated mines!

◇ What happens if you get caught? Submit to their merciless capture with 26 different Live2D-animated H-scenes!


Queen Illy: A monarch who controls time with her orgasms. She and Human King Raleven held the reins to the Sundista Kingdom, the last of the great kingdoms on the continent. For hundreds of years, they succeeded in repelling Lord Qaron's demon armies. Every time they were on the verge of defeat, the King would give Queen Illy an orgasm. Time would reverse, and they would seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

Yet, it all ended when the King passed away. With the Queen unable to climax, the Kingdom was doomed. Lord Qaron led marched his demon armies to the capital for their final battle.

The Grand Mage Shalith, knowing of their imminent doom, used all her mana to teleport the Queen to safety. Drained of magic and unable to resist, Shalith was captured by the demon army. Lord Qaron imprisoned her deep inside the enchanted mines.

With the enchantments restricting her abilities, they thought Shalith would never be able to escape...

You can now purchase Escape Dungeon on Steam for $11.69 until the 22nd of November, at which point the game will cost $12.99. If you'd like to try it out first, a demo of Escape Dungeon is available on the store page.

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