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In Naughty Games'The Spellbook, follow our protagonist as he accidentally finds a magic book and proceeds in using it to corrupt the women around him.

The Spellbook is an episodic visual novel that uses 3D models and features animated H-scenes. When it comes to personalization, you have the option of changing the character’s names and how they are related to the protagonist.

When Jack finds a magic book with his friends, he decides to see if it works by using it on Nancy, the landlady (you can change her role if you don’t want her to be the landlady), reciting a spell as she slept. The next day, Nancy seems pretty normal, though, as the day goes by she starts to act more carefree and promiscuous. While Jack and his friends were swimming in the pool, Nancy wears a skimpy swimsuit. When they were relaxing in the hot tub, playing truth or dare, Nancy is more than willing to take her top off and even let Jack’s friends grope her breasts. Finally, when Jack is alone in the bathroom, Nancy suddenly comes in and helps him jerk off. This final act Jack convinces of what the book was capable of.

In later chapters, more girls that are related to Jack and Nancy in some way are introduced. As usual, you can decide how these characters are related to each other. There are no character sprites or or backgrounds. Most of the visual novel consists of still images of 3D characters. While chapter one does not have any animation, chapter two and onward have animated H-scenes.

Before chapter four begins, the story branches off in two different paths. One is the Dark route, which can lead you to NTR or corruption. The other path is the Love route, where you can develop a relationship based on domination or love. You can save before you make this choice if you change your mind.

We are currently working on "The Spellbook".

An adult visual novel with choices that influence game-play.

It is easy to play, with lot's of action and humor.

A book that was found by mistake. A spell that was cast by stupidity...

Shall be the beginning of an adventure!

Will you let things go out of hand?

Will you use it to all the women around you? Make them fall in love with you?

Or fail and lose everything?

You can download the Spellbook and, if you feel inclined, fund the game’s development from Naughty Games' Patreon page.

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