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MangaGamer has begun taking pre-orders for Sengoku Rance Limited Edition, a physical release of the ninth game in Alicesoft’s grand strategy RPG series.

Sengoku Rance is a grand strategy RPG and the ninth game in the main cannon of the Rance series. The game takes place in the nation of JAPAN, a parody of real-world Japan’s Sengoku era. While there, Rance runs into the laid-back Oda Nobunaga, who hands over the reins of his clan to Rance, hoping that the legendary hero can bring it to greatness. For Rance himself, this is a great opportunity to abuse the princesses of enemy provinces and to develop intimate relationships with his new subordinates.

The majority of the gameplay takes place on the map of JAPAN, where the player can issue orders to attack other regions, develop their own region, raid discovered dungeons for loot and experience, or engage in narrated story events. The game’s combat system allows the player to deploy up to six battalions, each led by a distinguished leader. To win a combat encounter, the player has to gain an advantage over the enemy forces by the time both teams run out of actions.

A digital edition of Sengoku Rance released on MangaGamer last year, with MangaGamer now gearing up for a physical release of the game, titled Sengoku Rance Limited Edition. This version of the game will include a special box case, an eighty-page manual, a reversible cover DVD case, a DVD of the game itself, as well as a digital download card for it, the game's soundtrack, and an acrylic keychain of Kenshin Uesugi.

You can now pre-order Sengoku Rance Limited Edition on MangaGamer for $67.95. This version of the game is scheduled to release on the 27th of November. Additionally, the digital edition of the game is available on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $26.21 until the 24th of November, at which point it will cost $34.95.

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