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After getting separated from her father during a shipwreck, Ashley is willing to go from being a princess to a pirate in order to find him in Ashley The Pirate.

Ashley The Pirate is a pixel RPG with sim management and multiple solutions for problems. The story starts with the titular character, Ashley, as a princess. When she and her father, the king, are sailing to another country to meet with a young king, their ship is attacked by pirates and severely damaged. In order to save his daughter from being raped and killed, the king had Ashley thrown into the sea while she was asleep. The king believed that her noble blood would help her survive and she would wash up on the shore somewhere. Just as he predicted, Ashley survived the shipwreck without even understanding how she ended up in this situation. Stuck in an unknown town, Ashley sets out to find her father and the rest of the crew.

Ashley The Pirate is a turn-based RPG, but the sequence of characters or enemy attacks will not be consistent. The enemies will hop around to a different location when they attack you. On one turn, they could be close to you, while on the next one, they will be farther away. No matter their location, you will still able to attack them. What matters is how close the enemies are to each other: if one enemy is right behind the enemy you're attacking, that enemy will also take damage. Keep an eye out for those opportunities. If you are defeated, you are violated by the enemy that defeated you, lose your dress, and get returned to town.

The game features both main quests and sidequests for you to accept, but you don't always have to do exactly what's asked. There will be other options available if you're willing enough or have enough gold. Sometimes, you will need to get someone’s help, but they won’t budge unless you pay them or do them sexual favors, while other times, combat will be another option to choose from. It's up to you to choose how you want to resolve these issues. The game also features a corruption system and a LewdDiary in place to keep track of how corrupted Ashley is becoming, whether it be sexually or morally. The LewdDiary will show who took Ashley’s virginity, how many times she has been violated, and in what way.

Ashley The Pirate also has a sim management system. You must monitor Ashley’s thirst, hunger, and sleep. In order to do this, you will need enough gold to buy food, a room, and a dress. A dress is necessary, because the tavern will not serve food to you without clothes, and Ashley refuses to go into the wilderness naked, preventing her from fighting monsters. Keeping up with Ashely’s needs is an essential part of the gameplay.

You can download the latest public build of Ashley The Pirate on YioruYioru’s Patreon page.

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