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Slice of Life Visual Novel Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! Coming Soon to JAST USA and Steam, Limited Edition Available for Pre-Order

Discover the meaning of the samurai spirit in Minato Soft's Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, a slice of life visual novel coming soon to JAST USA and Steam.

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! takes place in the fictional Kawakami City, which is defined by its deep martial arts culture. The story's protagonist is Naoe Yamato, a somewhat ill-fitted student, who prefers to outwit his opponents rather than beat them through brawn, earning him a controversial reputation. Growing up in the city, Yamato has established a close group of friends he spends most of his time with, often hanging out at their secret hideout. However, their relatively peaceful life will soon be upset as two new girls join the team.

The visual novel features between twenty and thirty hours of story filled with comedy and drama, full Japanese voice acting for its main cast, and ten different endings to discover based upon the choices you make throughout the story.

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! was originally released in Japan in August 2009. Since then, it has received a sequel, multiple fan discs, as well as anime and manga adaptations. JAST USA has now announced their intention to publish the English version of Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! on their storefront, as well as on Steam later this winter, with a limited release physical edition currently available for pre-order on J-List.

At first glance, Kawakami City may look like any other normal Tokyo commuter town, with its bustling train station and gentrified neighborhoods. However, it's a place where your samurai lineage determines your social status, friends, and future.

This is the home of Yamato and his six friends. They've had many adventures together over the years, and even created a "secret base" where they could hang out, safe from the troubles of the world. Although they've known each other since childhood that doesn't mean they were always friends, nor does it mean that they are similar. Far from it. But despite their differences (or perhaps because of their differences), they are as close as edamame in a pod.

All seven of them attend Kawakami Academy, a unique and prestigious institution where martial arts are integrated into its values and conflict-resolution system. Its principal is also the headmaster at Kawakami Temple, where the world's greatest martial artists come to train and test their strength. Yamato and his friends learn not only facts and figures, but teamwork and the meaning of the samurai spirit.

This year two new members will join Yamato and his circle of friends, creating new conflict, drama, and perhaps even romance.

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! is set to release digitally for $34.99 on JAST USA and Steam during the winter of 2020. A physical edition containing the game on DVD and a Steam download card, along with the game’s OST, an artbook, and five acrylic keychains is currently available for pre-order on J-List for the promotional price of $71.99. After the game’s release, it will be sold for $79.99. The physical edition of the visual novel is currently limited to five hundred copies.

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