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Precision Platformer Marble Maid Now Available on Steam

Clean a mansion by rolling over dust bunnies in Shady Corner Games’ Marble Maid, a precision platformer where you're a maid in a ball, now available on Steam.

Marble Maid is a precision platformer about a pink-haired maid who was hired for her unusual talents to clean up an unsettling mansion. The locale is otherworldly, with bizarre rooms and unusual dangers, but most importantly, it is overrun by dust bunnies, and it's your job to catch them all, or rather, roll over them in a human-sized ball.

The game is divided into fifty levels. During each, the player has to navigate through tight spaces containing traps and useful architecture, such as bouncy cushions or flying rugs. In each level there's a set amount of dust bunnies hidden to find, with only a portion of them needed to unlock the portal to the next stage. Every time the player drives over a dust bunny, they'll receive a checkpoint at that location, where they will respawn if they fall off the level. Additionally, you'll have to deal with a time limit, which make it so frequent falls may cause you to lose for slacking on the job.

As the total amount of dust bunnies collected between the levels increases, the player will unlock access to new images in Marble Maid’s sexually explicit gallery, located in the game’s hub world.

Marble Maid is a cutie on a mission, to clean the dirtiest mansion she has ever faced. But in order for her to clean she has to get get dirty herself…

Clean the mansion of dust bunnies and unlock dirty lewds of Marble Maid taking a much needed break.

Over 50 levels and a dust pile of lewds that will test your stamina as we make you work hard for these unlocks, it aint easy cleaning a mansion! This is the Dust Souls of the lewd gaming genre!

You can now purchase Marble Maid on Steam for the promotional price of $10.79 until the 11th of November, at which point the game will cost $11.99.

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