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Play a dangerous game with a succubus and a vampire in Love Sucks: Night One, a visual novel now available on

Love Sucks: Night One follows a young man who’s been having unusual wet dreams involving two of his classmates from his university: a sweet, caring girl named Anna, and the more aloof, yet very ambitious Jan. The protagonist is too afraid to ask one of them out, seeing as they’re likely out of his league; however, it’s the two of them who invite him on a Halloween date. Surprised, the man accepts their offer, but as expected, this turn of events was too good to be true.

Another classmate of his reveals herself as something of a monster hunter tasked more with keeping monsters in line, rather than killing them outright. She warns the protagonist that he’s become involved with dangerous girls: Anna is a succubus and Jan is a vampire, and the two of them have recently acquired an artifact that requires a human sacrifice to operate. The young man has just entered into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where he might just find love if he plays his cards right. Should he slip up, though, he likely won’t live for very much longer.

The visual novel has been developed by Art Witch Studios and Aila Anne Studios. It contains the events of the first of three nights that the protagonist will spend with the girls. The story contains multiple vanilla sexual encounters between the hero and the monster girls, though there are also bad endings that feature blood and death.

You can download Love Sucks: Night One from or play it directly in your browser. The visual novel is being sold under the "name your own price" payment system, with no set minimum amount.

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