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[UPDATE] 11/2/2020 2:39 EDT: We received some screenshots from Hotpink to use in the article and added more tags. [/UPDATED]

Help your neighbors get ready for the big party on All Hallows' Eve in Sex or Treat, now available on

Sex or Treat is the second Halloween game by Hotpink — their first Halloween game being HOTPINK’S SPOOKY HOUSE OF SEXY SECRETS, a 3D first person adventure game where you explore an abandoned house. This year’s game is a 2D adventure game where you “help” your neighbors during Halloween.

The basic premise is going door-to-door for candy and sex from your neighbors. If you "help them out" with getting ready, they may just give you a H-scene. The CGs are beautiful art and each scene is fully voiced by a wide range of voice talents.

In Sex or Treat, you can use different costumes to give your special abilities to help you get around. You can wear a ghost costume to move through fences, dress up as a sea monster to swim through water, or put on a dinosaur costume to break through obstacles.

Well... which will it be?

Sex?? or Treat? ;)

- Explore the neighborhood and "help" all the residents get ready for the biggest party on the block.

- Transform into unique costumes and unlock their special power ups around the world.

- Fully voiced and beautifully drawn scenes await you!

(All optional) Kinks Include: MF, Yaoi, Yuri, FemDom, Dress Up, Anal, Object Insertion, Blowjobs, Threesomes and Group Sex.

You can purchase Sex or Treat on for the discounted price of $3.00. Once the sale ends, the price will return to its normal $4.00.

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