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Adult games’ publisher, TinyHat Studios, has launched a seasonal sale for many of its titles in celebration of the 2020 Halloween season.

TinyHat Studios has launched a sale to celebrate the haunting season, offering a number of its games at reduced prices until the 2nd of November. During that time, you can get deals on the following games:

Cloud Meadow is an RPG where you manage a farm on a floating island, breed characters from a variety of fantasy species, engage in quests, and fight in turn-based battles. The game has just recently received a small Halloween update, introducing a romanceable, spooky NPC, among other additions and fixes.

For the duration of the sale, Cloud Meadow is available for $15.99 at 20% off.

Dark Alley Elf is an action platformer where you play as Francesca, a free-spirited dark elf woman who enters a wager with her rival, a company heiress named Annabelle. The two girls want to find out who can make more money in a week’s time, but the only idea that comes to Francesca’s mind is to sell herself on the streets. Your task in the game is to scavenge the city for loose cash, beat up or avoid abusive gangsters, and service paying customers dotted around the levels. Collected money can also be used to upgrade Francesca, making it easier for her to gather more money in the future.

Dark Alley Elf is available for $3.49 at 30% off, until the end of the sale.

Overgrown: Genesis is an action game about surviving in the zombie apocalypse. You play as an engineer who was abandoned deep within an infected city. Your task is to find your way back to the safe zone, which will often require you to take detours to find key items and gather resources. This won’t be easy, as the streets are overrun by zombies, who aren’t interested in killing the protagonist, instead opting to abuse them to satisfy their desires. You can read our review of Overgrown: Genesis here.

During the sale, Overgrown: Genesis is available for $12.74 at 15% off.

In Sanguine Rose, you play as Roman, the leader of a mercenary band, who managed to secure a high general, named Carmen Valentine. During their efforts to escort Carmen, the group became stuck at the snowy village of Whitewood. Using this moment of downtime, Carmen begins seducing Roman, trying to earn back her freedom. How you respond to her and how you treat your close allies will determine the direction of the story.

During the Halloween sale, Sanguine Rose is available for $11.99 at 20% off.

Seeds of Chaos is a dark fantasy RPG where you play as Rowan Blackwell, a hero who saved his land from the demon lord, only to later fall prey to those who inherited the demon lord’s will. Corrupted and blackmailed by demons, can you still save the world, or will you give in to the temptations of power? The game features strategy elements, robust narration, and over one hundred sex scenes to discover.

Until the end of the sale, Seeds of Chaos is available for $15.99 at 20% off.

Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition is a visual novel about a young man trapped in a time loop. The same few days of his life keep playing out repeatedly, and no matter what he does the result is the same: he’s eventually approached and charmed by a lustful woman, dressed up to suitably match the situation the protagonist has found himself in. Your task is to discover the nature of the curse that befell the protagonist and find a way to free them.

For the duration of the sale, Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition is available for $0.99 at 50% off.

The TinyHat Studios' Halloween sale will last until the 2nd of November. You can browse their entire catalog directly on Steam.

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